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The Marketing Career Guide is an e-book produced by MarketingCrossing, an online job research company exclusively serving marketing professionals. The e-book is a compilation of 20 articles written by marketing professionals at the top of their game. Each article was selected for its relevance and timeliness with regard to the current market conditions.

While marketing is an indispensable function in most industries, pressure to increase output in marketing departments is on the rise as businesses are struggling to maintain profits in a poor economic climate. In order to become, or remain, a successful marketing professional you need to stay on top of industry trends and remain ahead of the curve by implementing new and creative marketing techniques.

In line with staying current on new marketing tools and trends, The Marketing Career Guide dedicates a good amount of time to discussing the role of social media and the role it will occupy in the future of the marketing industry. It further details specific marketing techniques and time-tested recipes that are built for promoting success.

If you consider yourself a marketing professional, it is essential that you check-out the articles and the volumes of useful and practical tips that have been provided within The Marketing Career Guide. A large amount of attention is given to the concept of branding yourself and making your customer a priority. By keeping your customer’s needs and desires at the forefront of your mind will develop a positive reputation within your industry.

Finally, the guide addresses such practical matters as pricing for your services and getting yourself and your work product noticed even amidst the heavy competition inherent in times of economic strain. One of the selected articles is dedicated exclusively to survival tactics in an economic recession.

The Marketing Career Guide is a valuable tool for any marketing professional to have in his/her arsenal!


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