SEO Toolbook: The Best Free Search Engine Optimization Tools for Google and Bing

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The SEO Industry’s Most Popular Directory to Free SEO Tools – Now On Kindle

SEO, or ‘Search Engine Optimization‘ is all about getting to the top of the free, organic listings on Google or Bing. SEO may seem mysterious, and you may be paying thousands of dollars to so-called SEO ‘experts.’ You may be using paid tools… But did you know?

  • There are free tools that will help you get to the top of Google or Bing?
  • There is a logical strategy of SEO that works, a strategy built on a step-by-step method of SEO?
  • You can get your company to the top of Google or Bing, and you can do so using free SEO tools!

Get Your Company to the Top of Google or Bing Using Free SEO Tools

This is the only book of its kind, available anywhere: the only complete directory of free SEO tools available on the Internet.

Leverage Jason McDonald’s unique knowledge to turbocharge your SEO program via this amazing toolbook. Spend a little – save a lot!.

A Small Investment for a Big Gain in SEO Knowledge via Free SEO Tools

Read the stellar reviews, or click the ‘Look Inside’ book cover to get a taste of these amazing, fun, and free tools for SEO.

Table of Contents: SEO Toolbook

  • Introduction – Welcome to SEO Toolbook!
  • Keywords – Tools for defining effective SEO-friendly keywords.
  • Page Tags – Tools to help you understand how page tags work with your keywords for better SEO.
  • Link Building – Tools and resources to reverse engineer competitor’s links and build out your own link-building strategy.
  • Press Releases – free and paid press release services for Press Release SEO.
  • Blogs – tips, tools, and resources for better blogging.
  • Rank – tools to measure your rank on Google and Bing systematically, and for free!
  • Website Structure – tools that go beyond just Google Webmaster tools to help you create and maintain an SEO-friendly website.
  • Local Search – tools to help you optimize your website for Google+ Local and local search engine optimization.
  • Google+ – a special focus on the in’s and out’s of working with Google+ for SEO purposes.
  • Metrics – tools to help you measure your performance over time.
  • Media – the top ‘stay informed’ websites, blogs, and portals about SEO.

About Jason McDonald, a Recognized SEO Expert

Jason McDonald has a Ph.D. from Berkeley, a B.A. from Harvard and years of experience in Internet marketing. He teaches a very popular class at Stanford University Continuing Studies called appropriately ‘Marketing without Money.’ He also teaches at several other Bay Area institutions as well as online and is a leading corporate trainer in SEO and social media marketing. Reach out to Jason by Googling ‘Jason McDonald’ – he’s number 1 (of course).


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