MLM Autoresponder Messages and Network Marketing Email Messages: Wellness Nutritional pack

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Product Description

This book contains a professionally written email drip campaign of 30 powerful, engaging and entertaining persuasive email/autoresponder messages focused on prospects interested in the wellness industry.

If your products include wellness, nutritional or related products, this drip list campaign will engage your prospect and have them calling you.

These autoresponder messages contain humor, personality, and are wellness/health/nutritional related. They are perfect for the person who appreciates wellness or nutrition as a cause AND a vehicle for profit. These autoresponder email messages assumes that your prospect likes to ‘help’ people and has an interest in seeing their level of health improved and at a same time earn a good income.

These are different emails than those found in my Financial Woes autoresponder book, MLM Autoresponder Messages and Network Marketing Email Messages: Financial Woes Pack. They don’t focus on money making as such, but on building a networking business in the wellness arena and earning a solid income doing so. You can use both sets of emails together if desired.

If you have prospects or old leads interested in wellness, or have some kind of prospecting campaign that relates to wellness, these emails are for you.

The emails do contain references to the size of the wellness industry and some discussion of its huge growth in the coming years, but in a personal and friendly manner. No dry statistics or hiding the fact that this is a MLM or networking opportunity, instead they are fun, interesting and will get your phone to ring.

Each email ends with a prospect call to action to contact you to become your sponsor, now!

This book is a great investment into your business. At worst, you should be sending out these emails to your old leads. At best, these nutritional or wellness mlm network marketing email autoresponders will work for you with ALL your leads and prospects.

These emails work!


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