MLM Autoresponder Messages and Network Marketing Email Messages: Financial Woes Pack

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This book contains a professionally written email drip campaign of 30 powerful, engaging and entertaining persuasive email/autoresponder messages focused on your prospects ‘Financial Woes’ and how YOU can help your prospect solve them.


If you have been in Network Marketing for any length of time, you probably have accumulated a list of prospects and their email address. However, many of these prospects have entered the ‘witness protection program’. In other words, they never call back or reply to your emails. Most people forget about this list, but there is GOLD in it!

Now, you probably have an email system you pay for that is filled with ‘canned’ autoresponders about your company, or even some generic versions to send to your list. Sometimes this is part of your ‘backoffice’.

But, have you read these autoresponders being sent in your name?
They suck.

Here’s why:

You have a prospect who is looking to solve THEIR problem, which is lack of money. They need money, income, some light at the end of the tunnel, cash, maybe some dough to save their home… BUT they are NOT shopping for a MLM company, an INDUSTRY, or how long your company has been in business, or even what your product does…NO… they are desperate for a SOLUTION to their problems!

But if all the emails you send out are about ‘the company, the timing, the industry…or how someone else is making money – no wonder they don’t bother responding to you!

Can you imagine sending emails to starving children with stories about the kids in your family that have so much food… that they’re fat? Of course not. So why send emails to financially struggling people about how others are rich?
Your prospect doesn’t care about other people’s wealth when THEY are broke and in financial pain. In fact, it works the other why. Resentment, suspicion, distrust.

Their mind is on their lack of money and they are worried.

They are awake all night worrying about their debt because they are in financial trouble.

And what? You send them an email about how old your company is?

It’s basic marketing folks; offer your prospect a solution to their problem, and relate to them on their terms.

At this point, all your prospect is interested in is finding ‘a way to earn money’.

NOTE *** If you are new and have not earned a respectable income, chances are your upline will tell you to borrow someone else’s story, but doing that only begs the question from your prospect– ‘well, if everyone else is making money in your company, why aren’t you?’

Forget that.

So, what is in this book? Do I teach you how to write emails? NO…NO…and NO!!!!

Is this some lessons on basic copy writing for MLM? Heck NO!!!

But let’s face it. Most people can’t write a note to save their lives, let alone a well-crafted email campaign. Forget learning a skill that will take you years to master – just use expert messages instead!

That’s where this book of powerful ‘financial woes’ autoresponder messages will come to your aid.

Inside are 30 rock solid emails that focus on your prospects financial situation – with engaging humor and playfulness – showing how YOU and your program can help him out of his or her financial mess.

FULL DISCLOUSER – this is a small book – 30 powerful emails. You are not paying for the quantity of words, you are paying for the quality of the message and for getting your phone to ring.

This book contains 30 well-crafted powerfully written emails that and fun and engaging that will suggest and reinforce to your prospect that YOU are the answer to their financial problems using proven psychological and persuasion techniques.

Take these email autoresponder messages and enter them into your backoffice or your email program. Start dripping on your list with these professionally written email messages – each crafted to have your prospect motivated to reach out and call YOU as an answer to their Financial Woes!


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