Marketing Research: Contemporary Approach

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Consumers in the changing marketing environment are giving marketing organizations a run for their objectives. This results in making sincere and serious efforts not only in understanding the new dimensions of marketing but to offer the best solution. Here comes the role of marketing research. It is the marketing research which tries to understand the nature of the problems faced by the marketers and tries to find and offer the best solution. In fact, it generates scientific information on all issues related to marketing.

This book basically covers the entire scope of marketing research, in general, as per the needs of the management and commerce students of various universities across the country. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and its contents have been reorganized to further enhance the topic and widen its coverage.

Following are the special features of this second edition:1.Three new chapters – Time Series, SPSS Application and Parametric Tests – have been added in this edition.; 2.Cases, relevant to the scope of marketing research, are given at the end of every chapter to facilitate the students and faculty to have ready reference.; 3.Model questionnaires are inserted in the chapter Data Collection to provide enough support and confidence to the students while preparing questionnaire for their own research.; 4.Model project report is also incorporated in Annexure where the student can have a better understanding of how to prepare and present a lucid report.; 5.A glossary of related terms has been provided as a ready reckoner for the students.; 6.A question bank is also added as a special feature to facilitate faculty and students.


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