Keyword Mastery: Keyword Research & Article Marketing for Beginners

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“Andy Mason is one of the foremost experts on keyword research I know. And although I’ve been working online for over a decade at the time of writing and have based a lot of my own projects and online marketing activities on keyword research, I learned a lot of new information in this book that I
wish I’d been aware of years ago.” – Steve Shaw

“Keywords should form an integral element to all ongoing SEO activities allowing anyone with an ecommerce presence to make more money.” – John Harrison

“The book is jam packed with practicable and usable information and I highly recommend it for novices and experts alike. I like to think I know my way around keyword research and I still found myself making notes as I read through it.” – Neil Stafford

This guide will enable you to structure all your promotional activities including any ecommerce business into a coherent, relevant and cost effective long-term strategy by utilising keywords and phrases that your target customers are ACTUALLY using right now. This will give you all the necessary and accurate data to construct everything from your website architecture and positioning to every area of your marketing activities.

Once you understand the importance of keywords and how to use them effectively, you will create a natural sales path that will inevitably pull your customers to your product or service. You will discover the key benefits and strategies to enable your business to grow further. It will unravel the mysteries of how to get your website(s) ranking far higher and how to implement a lead generation strategy to actively support your website. A fact that is often overlooked or not even recognised. Article marketing – why this is critical and how to carry out a sustained campaign.

Articles that will contain specific keywords and content allowing you to ‘connect’ with your market. It is vital that your thinking is always in tune with your prospective customers.

Finally, the critical differences between keyword research and search engine optimisation – crucial for monetising your business more effectively. These keywords will cement the building blocks of your business to put you in total and qualified command of how these new strategies should be implemented.


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