How to Recruit Doctors into your MLM or Network Marketing team by showing them a NO Warm Market System

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Product Description

How to Recruit Doctors – including scripts

Where to Find Doctors – It’s not where you think

A new source of Doctors (medical) who are not busy

Perfect for the Wellness Industry

No buying Leads

Not working the phone

This book is going to teach you an amazing system to recruit Doctors and an amazing system for you to build a huge, profitable and unstoppable leg under them – without the Doctor using any of their warm market, ‘buying leads’ or touching the phone!

Full Discloser: This is a short book. It’s less than 50 pages long. It contains no fluff or padding. It’s direct and to the point. The system contained is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, and could retire you. Really. Forget the low price of $8.99, forget the number of pages. This book will show you a fool proof system that ANY one can follow to build an unstoppable MLM Network Marketing business by recruiting Doctors. I have made it newbie friendly, but those with experience will take this system and put into practice very quickly.

NOTE: This system assumes you are in a nutrition or health type business. If you are selling something very different, this book will give you a few ideas, but you will have to adapt it. If you are in the Wellness industry, this book is a treasure map and it’s ready to launch.

This book will cover, step by step, and in very detailed and specific language:

How to recruit Doctors

The ‘invisible’ secret source of Doctors without a practice that are begging for something like what you will be able to show them

How to recruit busy Doctors with a practice and zero time

How to avoid the ‘I don’t want to go to my contacts/warm market’ objection because you will be teaching them a system that requires ZERO warm market

And No ‘buying leads’!

How to fill, yes FILL, meeting rooms with prospects all eager to join and try your products

NO conference calls, webinars, websites, Fanpages, autoresponders etc.

This is the full system, from the free ads you will place to the words on the marketing material you will print. This approached is very inexpensive to follow, quick and easy to implement, and very straight forward.

Also included are the phone scripts and person to person scripts you need to use when speaking to the Doctors, their receptionists, and to use in getting the appointment.

Forget all the ‘usual suspects’ techniques, this is not about dropping off DVDs, inviting them to conference calls, or creating special ‘Doctors only’ presentations. Forget all of that, and forget all of your old scripts and ads.

This system works for Doctors and requires NO Warm Market – I know I said that above, but it’s very important you know this.

You don’t need any paid advertising, Facebook, Internet, Twitter etc., this is all offline, local, and affordable.

No one has taught you this before. Guaranteed.

I’m going to show you where to get Doctors and how to approach them. This book will reveal to you a hidden world of Doctors who are not busy. I am going to share with you this source, give you all the scripts, the ads, the marketing materials, right down to what to say in the low cost marketing material. Nothing is left to chance.

Once again – Full Discloser: This is a small book – it contains no fluff. It’s written as if I was speaking directly to you, and the book is not going to be a grammar teachers first choice. It’s direct information that you can act on right away and is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you if do. Its less than 50 pages, with no padding.

If you wont invest a few dollars for your future – give it a pass.


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