How to Get a Job in Social Media

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Social media was once a task delegated to the newest intern in even some of the world’s largest corporations. As the industry has matured, however, companies and organizations of all sizes are recognizing the need to hire experienced professionals with the expertise and skills to effectively use social media. Social media is no longer the half-forgotten silo in the interns’ room but a real discipline with best practices, case studies, and plenty of experts with the chops to turn a simple idea into a global campaign on behalf of a brand.

So how do you get a job in this exciting, growing field? Now that companies are looking beyond a candidate’s Twitter followers and are asking some hard questions about brand management, voice, metrics, and ROI, how do you get your foot in the door and nab that coveted social media job that everyone with a college degree wants? Colleges and even graduate schools are rolling out social media programs degrees, but do you really need a BA in New Media to get a job in social media? Are there any entry-level jobs left for new social media enthusiasts without significant marketing experience but with a keen desire to learn and develop their skill set?

Marjorie R. Asturias, founder and president of a fast-growing digital marketing agency, offers would-be social media managers, coordinators, assistants, and, yes, interns, an insider’s look at the best way to land a job in one of the hottest fields in marketing and public relations. This book provides concrete tips and advice on:

* how to gain valuable experience in social media marketing;
* where to start looking for social media jobs, wherever you may live;
* which industries are hiring;
* how to create a social media job in your current company;
* and lots more.

If you love social and digital media, are passionate about Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and are wondering how you can turn that passion into a career, you need this book.


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