Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Prep Guide for AdWords Certification ( Exam Prep Series)

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Product Description

Google offers two AdWords certifications for individuals, one in Search and one in Display. This guide includes everything necessary to prepare you to pass the fundamentals exam on the first try, which is the first step to become certified in either one.

If it’s on the test, then it’s in this guide. Every question that the author has ever seen on real tests can be answered with the material. It’s the only guide you’ll need and presents just what you need to know.

Written in break-size chapters, this Kindle version has been optimized for on-screen viewing.

Advance Praise

“I passed the exam the day after I finished reading this guide.” – Claudia M.

“Explains all angles of the certification, from benefits to the way Google handles its partners.” – Andrew K.

“Talking about the ‘things to look out for’ while answering questions and just general question strategy I feel is helpful, and reminds me of the strong test preps I did for my GMAT.” – Jordan B.

Includes orientation to the Google Partners Program and exams:

CH 1 • What & Who this Guide is for

CH 2 • Individual Certification Types

CH 3 • Company Certification Types

CH 4 • Fundamentals Exam

CH 5 • Tactics & Counter-Tactics

CH 6 • Test Day

Includes all test objectives, including:

CH 7 • Intro to AdWords

CH 8 • Managing Multiple Accounts

CH 9 • Account Set-Up

CH 10 • Account Structure

CH 11 • Keywords & Match Types

CH 12 • Keyword Management

CH 13 • Display Targeting

CH 14 • Return on Investment

CH 15 • Growing a Campaign

CH 16 • Budgets

CH 17 • How Google Scores Ads

CH 18 • Max vs. Actual Costs

CH 19 • Conversion Value

CH 20 • CPC Bid Management

CH 21 • CPA Bid Management

CH 22 • CPM Bid Management

CH 23 • Conversion Tracking

CH 24 • Ad Scheduling

CH 25 • Optimization Tools

CH 26 • Ad Creation & Formats

CH 27 • Ad Extensions

CH 28 • Ad Statuses

CH 29 • Ad Copy

CH 30 • Geographic Targeting

CH 31 • Language Targeting


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