Volkswagen to Show New Microbus Concept at 2016 CES, Report Says

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Oh boy, another rumor says the Microbus is on its way to a Volkswagen dealership shortly. We want to get excited over the story, but all the others have proven false until now.

The Microbus is like Volkswagen’s second MINI, after the Beetle. Lots of people want it to come back, but selling an expensive retro car is tricky and requires a huge marketing budget.

A report from Autocar magazine says VW bosses have made their minds up. A preview concept has been approved for development and will be shown as soon as next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It seems like a weird place to show a car, but the CES is crucial in this digitally-driven era. Companies like Audi or BMW had great success when they showed their concepts amongst the Samsungs and the iPhones.

The story continues by claiming the Microbus concept will look a bit like the Bulli (pictured) and power will come from a lithium-ion battery. None of that is new information, but the British magazine believes the R8 e-tron’s huge pack, good for around 310 miles (500km), will be used.

It kind of seems strange to make a posh commercial vehicle with components from a $ 200,000 electric supercar. That’s probably why the microbus is said to have conventional TSI and TDI engines too.

After the CES, the Microbus will move closer towards its production debut in 2017. It’s said to be assembled in Puebla, Mexico, which ties in with previous reports about VW’s plans.

You see, the stories we’ve heard from Germany say the Bus will be a part of the Beetle range. In 2019 or so, this is said to include everything from hybrids to a light crossover version.

So far, we’d say it’s a definite possibility another concept will be shown at the 2016 CES. However, 2017 is too soon for the launch of a complex EV that also carries emotional significance for many Vdub fans.

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